Our Client, Dr. Kimberly Brown, Featured in Newspaper Profile

Our client, Dr. Kimberly Brown, who is president and CEO of Baltimore-based Amethyst Technologies, was featured in an article in the Baltimore Times on May 13, 2016. Dr. Brown founded the company in 2006, and it now has annual revenue of about $2 million and clients that include the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, […]

OSHA Penalties to Increase With Inflation — After 25 Years

We recently wrote about the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s new rules on inhalable silica, which will take effect in June. By August, another important change in OSHA enforcement will also take place – one that any company regulated by OSHA needs to be aware of. For the first time in more than 25 years, […]

Government Contractors Must Beware of New DOJ Prosecution Guidelines

By Pamela J. Bethel We recently discussed the new emphasis that the U.S. Department of Justice is placing on the prosecution of individuals in white-collar crime cases.  As we pointed out, the new guidelines, set forth in a speech last month by Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, represent a get-tough attitude toward corporate crime. It’s […]

Prospective Contractors and Subcontractors: Be Aware of TINA

By Taimur Rabbani Is your business pursuing a U.S. government contract, or seeking to subcontract for a U.S. government contractor? There are several legal and regulatory schemes that you should be aware of that are relevant to this process. Among the most significant of them are the regulations implementing the Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA). […]

Texas Court Was Right: These Internal Reports Enjoy Absolute Privilege

Companies that prepare internal reports at the request of the Department of Justice, discussing the likelihood of criminal violations, should be able to benefit from absolute privilege that shields them from defamation suits brought by people named in the reports. That is what the law should be; otherwise, companies would not feel free to conduct […]

Counsel Needs to Focus on Developing Company’s Legal IQ

By Carol L. O’Riordan A current article in Corporate Counsel magazine asks the critical question: What’s your company’s legal IQ? The article points out that these days, legal issues are often quite diffused within sizable companies, so that managers don’t always recognize them as such. In addition, corporate legal departments haven’t necessarily done a good job […]

As DOJ Gets Tough on Fraud, Compliance Needs to Ramp Up

By Pamela J. Bethel On September 17, 2014, Leslie Caldwell, assistant U.S. attorney general in charge of the Criminal Division, addressed many key issues about the federal False Claims Act in a major speech at the Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund Conference in Washington, D.C. The Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund brings together whistleblowers who […]