US-Columbia Trade Promotion Agreement

The United States-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement entered into force on May 15, 2012. O’Riordan Bethel and Washington Consulting Corporation is ready to help businesses large and small  put the Agreement to work to expand and diversify their market reach. WCC has experience in Colombia helping US and multinational clients with Colombian investment and trade opportunities, […]

Finding One’s Way Globally — Some Current Examples

In previous blog posts, we discussed some of the challenges and opportunities that often face U.S. companies that are considering doing business abroad. Here are some examples that we are familiar with and that can illuminate the complex decision-making process that these companies can encounter. First, a West Coast contractor was experienced in working with […]

Finding One’s Place in an Increasingly Global Economy

In prior postings, we have explored the issues faced by businesses struggling to identify their place in an increasingly global economy and the kinds of myths that often cloud their decision-making. We have focused on factors like contract provisions, language choice, risk assessment, and risk mitigation, that companies and their lawyers are usually comfortable discussing. […]

Dispelling Myths on Moving an Infrastructure Business Across Borders

This is the second post in a three-part series on the shrinking infrastructure market that we are posting in an attempt to dispel myths about moving business across state and national borders and to show how businesses can adapt to a global market. Why is the U.S. construction industry lagging behind its European and Asian counterparts […]

How to Navigate in a Shrinking Infrastructure Market

Within the United States, the shrinking and shifting infrastructure is causing companies to move across state lines in search of work. The same forces are pushing many U.S. companies to consider “going global.” These trends should not surprise anyone. Large, prominent infrastructure development projects are disappearing in this country. For example, after winning $810 million […]