Texas Court Was Right: These Internal Reports Enjoy Absolute Privilege

Companies that prepare internal reports at the request of the Department of Justice, discussing the likelihood of criminal violations, should be able to benefit from absolute privilege that shields them from defamation suits brought by people named in the reports. That is what the law should be; otherwise, companies would not feel free to conduct […]

In-House GC’s: Their Crucial Role in Corporate Compliance

By Pamela J. Bethel What role should in-house lawyers play in assuring that corporate compliance standards are met? Should companies have a separate compliance department, or should it be part of the legal department and report to the general counsel? Mitratech, an  Austin, Tex.-based consulting firm that works with corporate legal departments, just issued a […]

Who Should Handle That Crucial Internal Investigation?

By Pamela J. Bethel When a company faces the necessary task of conducting a thorough internal investigation into some form of wrongdoing or questionable behavior that has been uncovered in the company’s past, to whom should it turn to handle the investigation? The subject matter of the probe might be an allegation of illegal payments […]

Privilege Is Necessary to Ensure Successful Internal Investigations

When a company undertakes an internal investigation of suspected wrongdoing, in-house attorneys are often the ones who do the investigating. Very often, in-house lawyers thus take a central role in a company’s compliance function, and one of the first steps that they take at the direction of top management is to conduct a no-holds-barred investigation […]

Needed: Broad Definition of ‘Whistleblower’ Under Dodd-Frank

By Pamela J. Bethel Jordan A. Thomas, formerly a leading SEC attorney who was involved in developing the agency’s whistleblower program and now chairman of the whistleblower representation practice at Labaton Sucharow, as well as Vanessa De Simone, an associate in the firm’s whistleblower representation practice, recently wrote an important op-ed article in the National […]

O’Riordan Receives Award From Organization of Women Business Leaders

We are delighted to announce that our partner Carol L. O’Riordan has been selected to receive the President’s Award of the Women Presidents’ Educational Organization – DC (WPEO-DC). The WPWEO is a regional partner organization of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s leading advocate of women-owned businesses. The WBENC is a coalition […]

Can a D.C.-Area Zip Code Help Government Contractors Get Work?

TerraGo, a company with fewer than 100 employees worldwide, recently announced that it will relocate its headquarters to the D.C. area from Atlanta. TerraGo provides location intelligence and geospatial information for defense and intelligence agencies and other government agencies. Why would a company want to do that? What perceived advantage does that give a defense […]

Lawyers for Utilities Contractors: An Underused Asset? (Part 2)

  By Carol L. O’Riordan In an earlier post, I discussed several good reasons why a utility contractor might wish to rely on a lawyer for a wide variety of tasks. Lawyers, after all, are trained in the skills of observation, questioning, problem solving, and communicating. Here are some specific ways in which lawyers can […]